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    Abundant Strength Escort Its Development
    Production Base in Jinnan Production Base in Dagang Maketing Center in Downtown
    Forty five years history
    Tianjin North Food Co., Ltd. is located in Jinnan Development Zone, Tianjin, China, which it is the most important trading center in north China. It was established in 1965 and incorporated with Jiecheng Co., Ltd of Hong Kong in 1993. Now it has registered capital 5.28 million dollars and total asset values 350 million. Tianjin North Food specializes in producing and marketing food additive, biological fermentation, anthranilic acid and relative fine chemical products. Tianjin North Food is one of the 5 sodium saccharin manufacturers authorized by the Chinese government and enjoys sales rights in domestic market.
    Based on the advanced technology, our company obtains recognition and high reputation from spacious customers domestic and abroad.
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